How to speak English fluently

Basically English speaking is not a difficult task…

My name is XYZ and I am also not able to speak English so I was feeling very depressed and sad..

Some of my good friends and my best friends start teasing me because I can’t speak English..

But now I can speak English fluently and I am very happy to tell you all the way how I start speaking English..

This is the problem most of the every Indian people that they can’t speak English…

So here are the some of the tips and tricks by which I can speak English fluently —

Firstly we should know that why we can’t speak in English?

Answer–the first and main reason is that we all think in Hindi because we speak Hindi from our childhood(because we are indians) and we all like to speak in Hindi because we find it very easy to speak..

From this we come to know that if we want to speak in English,we should think about everything in English. Like- if your mother ask you to do something (she speak in hindi)then start thinking in your in your mind that what is the English meaning of that or what is the English line of the work she ask…

Secondly is that we think that what other people will say about us.we should not care what anyone else thinking about us. They don’t know who we are?they don’t know no but we can do?

They just give give their opinion to us and just call us the dumb persons dumb people so it doesn’t matter what they call just you have to focus on yourself and start thinking about everything in English(as told in point first)..

the people who told you that you are a dumb and one day they call you that you are the best person in the world they ever met this will happen soon if you do something big in your life.. so don’t care what other people say they just say what they like which give them fun…

Third point is that we should never say anyone that I don’t know English because if you told them that they also think that you have no knowledge you are dumb they never ask you something they think you are good for nothing,so don’t tell anyone and just believe in yourself and say everyone that I know English so if you want to ask me something I will reply you and if you are not able to reply then just turn on Google and just open the Google Translate and speak whatever you want to speak in Hindi and the Google translate translate into English…

At last ,Don’t tell anyone that you don’t know English this will reduce your image in front of that person atanding in front of you….

So, at last I just want to say that no matter wherever you are from and what language you speak..You should know that language doesn’t matter the person who who is from India to know the Hindi not English but nowadays due to some of the people start saying that English is the most useful language so if you want to go foreign or you have to get the job in the big companies the English is the most important thing that you should know…

just follow these three points that the points which I told you

Thanks if u like this blog comment down and share this with ur friends.

Note–This is my pesonal way by which start speaking english…

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