10 Things we should never do

1.Never upload a mirror selfie with iphone. You Look IDIOT NOT RICH doing that.

2.Never Keep your smartphone with you while studying.

3. Never go to sleep without planning your next day. Always keep a notebook and jot down the targets for the next day.

4. Never smoke, drink or do drugs just to look cool. Remember if you need a stupid glass of liquid to look cool ….YOU’RE NOT COOL

5. Never live a fake life trying to boast on social media

6. Never have Dalgona coffee without mixing it.

7. Never take your phone with you in the restroom.

8. Never get involved in mindless fights on internet with people having either half baked knowledge or a driving propaganda.

9. Never upload pictures of paras of books you are reading to appear intellectual. It makes you appear dumb.

10. Never put stories on social media of your airlines BOARDING PASS. It doesn’t make you look like a frequent flyer but a show off machine.

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