6 Simple ways to do effective communication

Communication plays in very important role in our life as it allow us to exchange information, ideas,feeling and emotion through speech and signals…

Here are some of ways for effective communication


We should talk in such a way that your purpose and message is easily conved to whom u want..


It means we should not use their irrelevant words or do repetition of any word again and again …like- if you’re asking anyone for a cup of coffee then you say can “we we we go for a coffee” like this.


if u talk to anyone then u should be correct .like If u communicate u should know the fact and figure…

4.Listen for understanding-

You should know the difference between hearing and listening.. As both are different that if you are hearing anyone then it means you are just hearing means you don’t understand what he is saying but if you are listening then you can reply to him as what other say….

Thanks if u want more points…

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