how to spend money wisely as a student and as a businessman

💰Money plays an important role in our life but now a days so many young students and businessman or others people like-middle class,high class and so on.

They are using their money in a wrong manner .like-they spend money on buying costly mobile phones even if their budget is low.they just want to enjoy their life and want to do show off.

Here are some points by what u can save ur money..

1. Don’t spend,More than you make-

Everyone should know that they should not spend more than they can make because if they spend more than they make.They might come into the Dept and they get depressed and and their health condition may be low..

2. Don’t it tell anyone how much you earn-

Because if you tell anyone about your earning then the another person to whom you are telling will also tell you the money he earned and so that if he on more than will feel bad because he earns more than you..

3. Actively invest and track your network-

If you actively invest your money and track it at what place you are investing might be in further coming years your money invested gets double because investing makes your money double and if you save that money you will not do anything and the money which you save can be use anywhere

Last but not the least point is

4. Don’t go into debt to impress others-

Now a days,so many young students or businessmans are in debts for impressing someone special like-to their girlfriend or to others by showing off . And if you are not able to pay that money it make a a huge impact on your pocket and your savings finish…

Note- if you do not want to read this paragraph/blog then u can watch this video.⬇️🎥🔊

Click this link above…

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